Thursday, 8 September 2011

Auto Insurance for Teenagers - ensure they are Doing their part To Stay safe

The reason being could be because they are inexperienced drivers, who are finally getting the opportunity to utilize a motor vehicle. It takes time to perfect your driving skill, which is why as we age, our insurance rates begin to drastically drop.

So, if you are experiencing an extremely high hike in your current insurance rate, from putting your teenager on your policy, we have comprised a list of a few things that you can do as well as your teenager to try to keep rates as low as possible.

1. Ensure that your teenager knows the laws of the road. Ensure that your teenager drives responsibly. AS long as your teen keeps a clean driving record your rate should remain pretty low.

2. Do as you say. Ensure that you are following the rules of the road and being a good example to your new teen driver.

3. Ensure your teenager is maintaining good grades. If your child is doing well in school, there is a discount for their grades. Award them when they bring home a great report card. Their smarts are helping you save money.

4. Enroll your teen in driver's education. Some insurance companies will offer discounted rates for teens that have taken drivers education. Call your insurance company to ensure you are enrolling your teen in a school that is recognized for the classes.

5. Do not buy your teen a sports car! When teens are given fast cars at a young age, many of them don't know how to act. They become careless and want to show off in front of their friends. They forget the main purpose of the car is to get them from point A to point B and take advantage of what they have.

Any insurance company would be more the obliged to have your teen added to your policy. So, there is no fishing around for a company that will allow you to put a teen on, because they all do. Just, don't get too frustrated if the price on the policy rises because of the teen being on the policy. It's better to pay a little bit more then to not have the insurance at all.

Teach your teen the same respect about auto insurance as you have. Explain to them about drinking and driving and ways to keep their license. A driver's license is a 16 year olds dream. Many teens anticipate receiving their license so they can finally get behind a wheel of a car.

Creating Public Safety Through Education And Insurance

One of the campaigns that was created was Mothers Against Drunk Driving or MADD, a Texas-based non-profit organization that aims to stop people from driving under the influence of highly intoxicating alcohol, prevent minors from drinking and most especially, to fight for the implementation of a more stricter alcohol policies. Founded in 1980 by Candice Lightner in 1980, whose daughter was killed by a drunk driver, it receives federal government funding and donations from concerned citizens and private business sectors. Although it has received many criticisms with regards to how it spends its money, the organization has made significant impact on the decrease of drunk driving and proposed and brought the implementation of some policies regarding alcohol intake and driving.

On the other hand, The National Teen Driver Safety Week established by the US Congress in 2007 is celebrated every third week of October yearly all over the United States to increase awareness among teen drivers ages 16 to 19. This drive was made in response to the alarming death rates among teenagers involved in various vehicular accidents due to over speeding, drunk driving, cell phone use, rowdy multiple teen passengers, driving errors and among others. This move was supported by many sectors such as the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, insurance companies and celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, to name a few.

DC Comics and Warner Bros. teamed-up together in 2000 and came up with a series of commercials not only to promote brand name awareness to consumers but also to demonstrate and expose the dangers of driving. Although it was an advertisement aimed at increasing the company's sales, it has also educated the masses while maintaining to be within the realms of reality of the possible dangers of driving without protective gears such as airbags, early warning devices like roadblocks and especially common sense in locating the nearest gasoline and police station and hospital.

If activities and organizations aimed at reducing the incidence of automobile accidents have grown at an unprecedented rate, so are the insurance companies, in an attempt not only to make profits themselves but more significantly to assist people whose lives, safety, security and money are at stake. Insurance brokers relieve you of all the financial and medical responsibilities when you are in the middle of a vehicular crisis be it minor or major one.

Chicago business insurance - education And insurance for survival

There are more than 1,100 property and casualty insurance companies in Illinois, and the majority of them write commercial and business insurance policies in addition to personal lines of insurance. Of the more than 16,000 insurance agents in the state of Illinois, the majority of them can be found throughout the greater Chicago area, giving businesses many different options and opportunities to get the business insurance that they need.

This coverage protects a business from profit loss when business has been interrupted by a physical or other loss. This amount of protection is calculated based on the net profit plus continuing expenses, so that a business is covered from losing sales while they are out of commission for any period of time. Technically speaking, the period of interruption is a reasonable time period necessary for the business to resume activities.

Dealing with a business income claim is challenging because of the theoretical nature of the policy, as well as the analysis of the period of interruption being paid for. During this analysis, things can surface that lower the amount of the claim or change the value of the policy that the business holds. When it comes to business insurance, Chicago has some of the most savvy business insurance agents available. However, the companies that seek them need to be just as educated and informed about their business options in order to make the best decisions regarding things like business income insurance and workers compensation coverage.

When dealing with business insurance, Chicago insurance agents will do their best to help companies get the protection that they need. However, it is also up to the companies to understand their options, their need for insurance protection, and what their policies cover.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Driver education - auto Insurance tips

There are many companies specialized in this field but you should know that there are many of them which make certain advantageous offers such as discounts for the good grades As and Bs, yet, for that you need to qualify;you should get in touch with your insurance company for it. Some discounts are given also for the application for some driver programs, these being quite advantageous too.

In addition, if you can make a choice, replace the new teen driver or family driver on the oldest and least expensive automobile. This can and will save you the rates. Whenever thinking about buying a new or second-hand car, make sure you get in touch with your insurance company to see if the rate will suit you and your finances. It is likely for you, without checking with the insurance company, to think over a car which is too expensive for you or just not suitable. As general piece of information, you should know that sports cars or other high-cost cars are due to have higher rates, thus disabling you to pay in time. It is also important to know what you buy. If you want to buy a car, it is utmost necessary to know what that car can do.

Another aspect is the one related to the crash safety rating, because a percentage is given to every car according to this issue. You should always know how safe is the car you are driving, how well it can protect you. As well as the other aspects, you can learn this from the driver education course. In the unfortunate case of an accident, you should be aware of the average cost to repair it, in the case of the one-side insurance. If you want to replace your insurance check the rates of a greater number of companies because they vary from one company to another.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Insurance continuing education rules And regulations

Actually that depends on the kind of insurance products the state needs, and California has some products you will not see anywhere else in the country! For instance, there is Life & Fire casualty, which is a whole different genre of insurance, and we won't find it in many American states. What are common to most of the other states are Life & health, and Property & casualty courses. Why we are mentioning these differences here is because these form the basics for insurance continuing education California.

Since insurance is one of those fields which mandates compulsory training and re-certification periodically, continuing education is quite a big industry. In the recent years, the preferred mode of insurance continuing education California has been online. A large percentage of agents in the state choose to do their courses and take their exams online, as it is extremely convenient and also very economical when compared to the fees at a local insurance school. In California.

While some states have just one required courses, most have 2-3 topics that are required. However, California has five topics which need to be taken during each re-certification period, and that again is different from other states. Here, a new licensee in insurance would need to complete 25 hours of insurance continuing education every year for the first four years, and then 30 hours every two years. Then there are the specialties.

Like we mentioned in the first sentence of this article, there are some complex laws here, right? But in the long run, this continuing education will pay rich dividends to each agent, as their knowledge on the field is much higher compared to many other states' agents. Since training is so crucial here, online California insurance continuing education is growing in popularity each year. The money saved per year here will amount to much in the long run. To give you an illustration, online courses just cost about $ 1 per hour, payable after passing the exam! Find out how much it would cost at your local academy.

Friday, 26 August 2011

What are insurance benefits And what are their importance?

When one speaks of the term insurance benefits, he or she actually tends to elaborate in one word the payment awarded/given-out to the policy holder in terms of an agreement signed between the beneficiary and the benefactor. There are many types of benefits however, insurance benefits relate to people and people are usually of the wider concern.

Insurance relating to people includes health insurance, disability insurance, accidental death or dismemberment insurance, variable universal life insurance and many others. All of the mentioned types of insurances will be applied to people only if one has an insurance company that acts as his or her representative in the case where a benefactor and a beneficiary will be involved.

In accordance with the importance that connects insurance benefits to the general meaning of life, the whole idea of one buying these services has been emphasized in most countries. As a matter of fact, some countries tend to add that in order for one to be recognized fully as a citizen of that country, he or she would be required to sign up with any accredited insurance company and receive these services on the attainment of a particular age.

The reason why a lot of emphasis usually come as a major importance is because once an individual manages to secure one or two insurances, for example if an individual is insured against illness or in other words if a beneficiary has secured some health insurance benefits from a certain insurance company, then it means that in case of any illness, expenses supposedly incurred by the insured are usually taken care of by the insurance company.

In some countries, the services on insurance benefits are usually rested to the government while in some other countries, private owned companies with the right legal documentation can as well offer the given services. Where the government is known to take charge, the amount of money required from the individual on monthly basis is relevantly little compared to what private owned companies could be asking for.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Property And casualty insurance

In reality, California insurance professionals and agents have a lot to do with the projection of a certain image toward the public. Mainly because the insurance professional initiates contact with a prospect, determines the prospect's need for insurance, recommends and then implements the proposed plan. The first impression is always the most lasting. Coupled with the opportunity for a long-lasting relationship with the client, the first impression becomes that much more critical.

Public perception will be severely hampered by unethical agents. The insurance professional has two basic ethical responsibilities to the public:

* To inform the public about insurance with the utmost, highest level of professional integrity; and

* To strive for the highest level of professionalism in all public contacts in order to create and maintain a strong positive image of the industry.

We will focus on the above responsibilities and look at some of ethical practices, which have tarnished the industry. We will also discuss property and casualty insurance, and the manner in which it is marketed to the public.

California Property and Casualty Insurance Coverage

California Property and casualty insurance is usually classified by several major lines: fire and allied lines, marine, casualty, multiple line insurance and fidelity and surety bonds. California Property insurance, such as fire or homeowners policies, covers the loss or damage to real estate or personal property from fire, lighting or other covered perils. California Marine insurance (also called transportation insurance) covers goods in transit against pure risks related to transportation, whether those goods are shipped over land (inland marine) or water (ocean marine).

A broad field of insurance called casualty insurance encompasses almost everything not covered by fire or marine insurance: automobile insurance, general liability, burglary and theft, worker's compensation, glass coverage and other miscellaneous lines.

Education Insurance pics

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